1. Long Exposure on Film: #2 Daylight Results

    Date 05 Jan 2017
    Interesting in technical part of this long exposure series, read intro part After trying to scan this negatives by myself and seeing result, I decided to pay to the lab, to scan them in low resolution, but much better then I could get. I’ve mentioned them to stay true to…

  2. Long Exposure on Film: #1 Intro

    Date 03 Jan 2017
    I’ve always liked long exposures and when I’ve started with film nearly year ago, it was so much going on, from me learning everything from using spot meter to trying some developers and doing my own black and white development.  I’ve developed nearly 80 rolls of film this first year…

  3. Behind photo: The Throne

    Date 15 Oct 2016
    Location  Taken on 7th October, 2016, at Costabella promenade in Rijeka, Croatia.  Camera, Lens, Filters  Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Z 180mm f/4.5 W-N ND 3.0 Formatt-Hitech for BW GND 0.9 Soft Lee Filters  Film and ISO  Fuji Neopan Acros @ ISO 100  Developer  llford ID-11 (Stock) @ 20°C 6:45 min  Scanner  CanoScan 9000F …

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