1. Behind photo: The Throne

    Date 15 Oct 2016
    Location  Taken on 7th October, 2016, at Costabella promenade in Rijeka, Croatia.  Camera, Lens, Filters  Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Z 180mm f/4.5 W-N ND 3.0 Formatt-Hitech for BW GND 0.9 Soft Lee Filters  Film and ISO  Fuji Neopan Acros @ ISO 100  Developer  llford ID-11 (Stock) @ 20°C 6:45 min  Scanner  CanoScan 9000F …

  2. Calculate dev time depending on dilution and percentage

    Date 25 Sep 2016
    Sometimes is all you need to do is read, but I’m not good with that, I just go straight to the matter. So, I’ve bought from Fotoimpex, Adox CMS 20 II bundle: developer Adotech III + 4 120 rolls of film. I even mailed to Adox to get some clarification on few things…

  3. Behind photo: Tunnel Vision

    Date 20 Sep 2016
    Location Tvrđa (Citadel), Osijek, Croatia Camera, Lens, Filters Mamiya RZ67 Pro II - M 65mm f/4L-A (#8 Yellow Filter) Film and ISO Adox CMS 20 II @ ISO 20 Developer Adotech III (1+19) @ 20°C 9 min Scanner  CanoScan 9000F Description I wrongly calculated (1+9) it should have…

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