Rijeka Carnival 2017 Pt. 1

Few shots taken or Rijeka Carnival 2017, this year I wanted to shot on film. This is first part taken on black & white film. 

Films used (3 rolls):

  • Ilford HP5+ ISO 3200 - Nikon F100 - Ilford ID-11 (stock)
  • Ilford HP5+  ISO 400 - Nikon F100 - Ilford Microphen (stock)
  • ADOX Silvermax ISO 100 - Canon Prima Junior DX (point & shoot) - Adox Silvermax (1+29)

I should have done better those dark photos taken with HP5+ at 3200 ISO, since Nikon F100 meter was fooled by strong lights. But I’m very glad how they all turn up in the end. Even scans looks ok, since I’ve used Canon CanoScan 9000F Mk1.

Today I’m getting colour films that are developed and scanned by lab, soon more photos…

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